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The mission of Better Harvest, Inc., is the gathering of data to assist in the efficient use of nitrogen fertilizers for the best economic yields while having a positive effect on the conservation of our soils and the environment.



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Do you want to make more money on your corn crop?  Do you want to use less fertilizer?  Do you want to be a better steward of our natural resources.  If you answered yes to any of these, then we have a program for you.

Our Nitrogen Management Program is a program that allows you to know when to fertilize and make more bushels.  Based on over 1000 samples points, this system is effective and yet simple to implement.



Who We Are

Better Harvest, Inc., is managed by David Reinart.  David is a certified crop advisor (CCA) with many years in the fertilizer business.  The Nitrogen Management Program was conceived by him and developed throughout the years.  Please read about that here.  

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